Thursday, July 29, 2010

QUOTEWORTHY: Joseph Gordon Levitt

“I'm listening to a lot of vinyl records and it's not some hipster, retro thing ... The other night my friend and I just lay down on the floor and listened to Joni Mitchell and [Radiohead's] 'Hail to the Thief' and to Leonard Cohen. I love the iPods, but when was the last time that I sat at a computer or whatever and could listen to a whole album without getting ADD and saying, 'Check out this cover by Feist...''

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recently Watched: The Kids are All Right

I saw this film at the Charles in Baltimore city on Saturday. We waited in a huge (HOT A$$) line and missed the showtime that we wanted, so we bought tickets for the later showtime. It seemed like the air wasn't working in the theater (kinda felt like I was going to die), but it was still an enjoyable experience.

The film had an energy about was fun, new and definitely not afraid to take on the modern American family ("Moms') as well as poke fun at eating organic/ healthy living trends (*cough* that I totally support.) I think the movie appeals to everyone because it's about being a teenager/growing up, being in love, getting older, marriage, gay issues and modern families. The characters are well written and it's funny ...and I've said it before but MARK RUFFALO IS A HOTTIEEEEE.

Side note: The film was clearly shot in Southern California which was another plus. I want to have a nice ass backyard where I have people over to eat outside! dammit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cover songs rule part 3

I'm going to warn you this isn't a happy tune. I think a lot of Cat Powers music has a haunting quality to it...which is probably why I like it, but also why its totally depressing!

Troubled Waters

I can't find an original but apparently it's by Helen Merrill

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recently Watched: Inception

I saw Inception last night. Pretty crazy. I haven't seen a lot of "action" movies in my day so when I finally see one I find that it's a good change of pace. This film did however have a lot of emotional stuff going on with Leonardo's character. Sometimes I fell into it and other times there was something that I wasn't completely buying..maybe because the concept is so high that it's hard to really humanize characters (in the way that I am used to in independent cinema.) But overall the film worked for me and I was throughly entertained with the dream within a dream..within in a dream...within ...a.dream storyline. Also Joseph Gordon Levitt is all up in this movie woot woot. He is probably my favorite actor so it was cool to see him in a big picture holding his own with a talented cast. Towards the end of the film I was like shit I like this group of people and I don't want this to end (and theres nothing for me to do at home.)

I don't know if Christopher Nolan should be called a genius or a crazy person to think all of this up, I guess a bit of both.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Halfway Through Summer Mix CD

I took a few cues from Danger Mouse's Summer Playlist (see *'s) but most of the songs were taken from my downloads section.

Mother And Child Reunion (1972) by Paul Simon
*Animal (Mark_Ronson_Remix) by Mark Ronson
Next Girl by The Black Keys
Cecilia Simon and Garfunkel
Shuv It Disco D Blend by Santogold
Hospital_Beds_live @ Artscape by Cold War Kids
Coffee Spoon live @ Artscape by Cold War Kids
*Soft Shock by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
*Girl Don't Tell Me by The Beach Boys
Dyer Maker by Led Zeppelin
Hang Me Up to Dry by Cold War Kids
Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

Recently Watched: I am Love

I had some time to kill before Cold War Kids took the stage at ARTSCAPE so to hide from the heat for a bit I caught the film "I am Love," I hadn't read anything about it beforehand which was refreshing.

The locations were beautiful, the acting was on point and the storyline was interesting. It was way different than anything that I've seen in awhile and I think that's what I liked about it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I finally saw Cold War Kids live..and it was amazing!

GOD decided to let me get what I want (lllooord knows it would be the fiiiirst time) and Cold War Kids were booked to play ARTSCAPE. and I freakin saw them..and it was awesome. I don't want to say that I can die now, but had I been shot in the city last night my life would have ended on a good note.

Hang Me Up to Dry

Hospital Beds

Coffee Spoon

to see the rest check out my youtube account

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recently Watched: The 25th Hour

This was one of those movies that I don't know how to feel about. It was entertaining and I got pretty into whether or not Ed Norton's character was going to show up for his prison sentence, run away or kill himself but it was such a downer that it's hard to be like YES YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS. It altered my mind for a bit.. the idea of your life being planned out for 7 years in a crowded prison where you'd be victim of gang rape isn't too cool to think about. :) I thought the characters were written well, his old friends in particular, who he chose to spend his final hours with were interesting to watch. The way that the ending was executed was aren't sure if what's happening is really a dream or not until the final moments. The lesson of the film is DON'T SELL DRUGS. AND IF YOU DON'T DON'T TELL PEOPLE WERE YOU HIDE THEM.

America ain't that bad part 3!

The most recent vacation I took was over Spring Break. I'd never been on a "spring break trip" before and since it was my last year of schooling (unless I decide for some crazy reason to go to graduate school,) I wanted to go on a tripity trip. The last time I went to CA with sister christian, we couldn't rent a car because we were only 20 and you have to be 21 to be considered to drive but really they want you to be 25 (BUT THEY'LL LET YOU GET SHOT IN A FOREIGN LAND AT 18..America you have flaws) I was bummed about it because I researched all of these places that I wanted to visit, mainly The Big Sur. So this time we decided to start out in San Francisco and end up in Los Angeles driving down highway 1.

Going back to San Francisco after almost 2 years was weird. We spent one full day there this time and stayed near the airport, so we took the BART into town. I remember we came up out of the ground in Mission and the weather was awesome.

The next day we woke up and took the hotel shuttle to the airport and went to rent a car. That was the most expensive part of the vacation.. it was almost 600 dollars. Driving the rental car from the airport was pretty crazy. I was both excited and a bit nervous about the day we had ahead. I wanted to make it to Big Sur before dark (so that we could see it) and that meant pretty constant driving.

Our first stop was Santa Cruz for lunch. I don't have any pictures in Santa Cruz.. I was actually underwelmed by it.. it's probably cool but I feel like internet travel sites were making it out to be cooler than it was.

From there Allison began to drive. We had glimpses of the coast while I was driving pre-Santa Cruz but now we were headed for Monterey and Carmel-Down-By-the-Sea.


So we drove and drove and hit The Big Sur..which was amazing. Pictures can't really do it justice because they don't provide 360 degrees of experience but it's still pretty amazing.
So then we got dinner pretty late at this place called Whale Watchers Cafe. Cafe was a deceiving term because it made the place sound moderately priced, which it was not. But it was a nice spot and the only place to eat that we'd seen in miles. So we stopped. I think we were both ready to die.

I really wish that I would have recorded this guy that was playing a banjo to the side of the place. He was an older man that looked like he had stories to tell and he had a good singing voice! The waiter said that celebrities came into the place all the time. Most recently he had Sam from True Blood and Caezar..The Dog Whisperer. YES I KNOW. KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON PEOPLE.

I started driving after we ate and we stopped in San Luis Obispo for the night (we had a hotel booked there because it was roughly in between SF and LA.) That night I read through some book about the coast that I got from the airport and saw that Santa Barbara, California was worth checking out. On the way I remember seeing Pismo? Beach which looked pretty neat. So the next day we didn't go back on the highway 1 for very long and we headed through valley looking areas. This is when I started feeling like I was getting allergies (for the people who have allergies crowd.) We stopped into Santa Barbara for lunch, the book that we had mentioned the Sojourner Cafe so we went there. It was pretty good and our waiter was really funny and told us to check out a specific beach and gave us tips about where to go in LA.

I found the street he was talking about but at first we reached the more touristy beach. While I was waiting for Allison in the bathroom (in this bathhouse-- see below) a woman came up to me and said "I'm bleeding and I haven't bled for 30 years. I'm really scared." To which I kind of half mumbled.."oh man, I'm sorry..whhhat...ALLISON ARE YOU ALMOST DONEEE"

We walked on the beach there for a pretty long time and it was crazy beautiful.

here is a very short video

So we got back into the car and decided to follow the street down farther and we got to a hill looking area that had steps. When we went down the was amazing!

After that we both kind of wanted to stay in Santa Barbara but we had a hotel booked in LA. So we drove to LA..accidently ordered a ridiculous amount sushi (it was REALLY good but whoa) and spent the first night in L.A. When I woke up the next morning I had a pretty bad cold. We went to Venice Beach around 10am and walked was really beautiful..and there were already some pretty crazy looking people out walking around.

from there we went to Santa Monica which was super clean..(lots of yoga places.) We got some lunch at Urth Caffe which was pretty good and it had a busy atmosphere. Then we went to the Santa Monica boardwalk swung on some swings and rode a roller coaster.

Also Whilst in LA we went to Silverlake, took a Warner Bros tour and saw the Hollywood sign.

During the tour we saw a lot of sets that had been used in multiple tv shows and movies. The tour guide was really funny and knew tons of shit about movies. We got to see where Paul Newman filmed Cool Hand Luke..and some other crap. Some people on the tour were going APE SHIT for the Gilmore Girls set.

The last night we ate in Santa Monica. and that was that.

The next day we dropped the car off near the airport and started our journery to Denver. I sat in the aisle and Allison sat next to this woman who told her she should move out of our parents house ASAP and that Jennifer Aniston had fat thighs in person. She also said Sean Penn was a midget..among other things.

When we arrived in Denver it was snowing and the airport was freezing..and I was wearing shorts and and my college t-shirt. Our flight was delayed by over an hour and once we got on we had to be de-iced. The man that sat next to me started talking to me about Towson and he was really really cool. It took about another hour for our plan to be de-iced. (The flight wasn't supposed to get in until 12am ON TIME...) There was something really strange about being on the plane in the dark we all kept making jokes about whether or not we had really taken off...and how the flight attendent sounded like a robot. It took over 3 hours to get to Baltimore and we talked to the guy next to us the entire time. He had gone to the same college as us and then had lived in LA for 3 years after college and now had a daughter in Catonsville. He was super impressed with the fact that we did the road trip and that was pretty cool cuz then I was like...WAIT A SECOND I AM AWESOME.

We got to BWI a bit past 2 am. waved good bye to our seatmate at baggage and were picked up by the parents at 3am. Needless to say I was in a weird dream like state for the next (I'm still in a dream like state) 24 hours.

Coming home and going back to school was a hard adjustment... but I had A LOT of work to do.

Since then I've graduated...

WHENS MY NEXT VACA!???????????????

Saturday, July 10, 2010

America ain't so bad! Part Two. (2008)

The next trip that I took was sans father and with my sister Allison when we were 20. We went to San Francisco, California. Which is one of my favorite..if not my favorite cities. (I have yet to see Chicago, Portland or Seattle.) It was pretty cool because I learned that I can actually read a map. ( about that.)

What I love about San Francisco is how shockingly friendly people are. I noticed that in Colorado too..maybe it's a Western thing.. I don't know but in SF people would come up to me if I was looking at a map and ask me if I needed help. It happened like 3 or 4 times. People were really easy to make conversation with and I loved using the public transportation. (Maybe it was the 20 year old living at home-having just finished community college in me that was so excited to explore and get around on my own.) We walked across the golden gate bridge which was amazing, saw Alamo Square, Ocean Beach, Crissy Fields, Lands End Trail, Haight Ashbury, Sunset, Mission..we were all over the place. Is it sad that one of the highlights is a Chicken/Avocado/Honey Mustard sandwich that I got 3 times..what can I say good food is comforting. (and you bet your ass when I went back to SF two years later I got the same sammy)

Coming home from this trip was particularly depressing I remember my parents asking "Did you miss us/were you ready to come home?" and I had to withold my.."NO!"

(Other side trips pre San Francisco and without parental guidance included a night stay near Dickenson College for a concert and a night in Pittsburgh for a this was kind of big deal)

America ain't so bad. Part One!

(I have been thinking about traveling..a lot)
So this is where I talk about my favorite places that I've been America..since I have yet to leave this-a-beautiful-a country. If I was speaking to you that would have sounded Italian.

I took my first major trip when I was 17. My father had some free air miles and took me to Colorado. We drove a lot and I'm not sure of all of the places that we went but I know we went to Denver, Boulder, Aspen, Estes Park and Red Rocks. It was weird being on a scenic highway. That's one thing about Maryland that I'm not too fond of..every highway is fug. The highlights of the trip were Independence Pass, Estes Park and the Maroon Bells.
We also saw The Stanley, the haunted hotel that The Shining was based on.

Me in front of the Maroon Bells.. there are very few pictures of me and I'm wearing brown in most of them. and I look like a tom-boy. whatevs right we were in the mountains.

The next trip that I took was also with my father and his FREE air miles. We went to New England. New Hampshire, Massa-two-sh*ts (Boston for like..a half an hr--Fajay not a fan of cities), Vermont and we crossed the state line to Maine. My favorite part was Martha's Vineyard..a nice little island beach town in MA. It is where they filmed JAWS. My father erased his pics so I don't have any of me. We went during a heat wave..the heat index was 120 degrees and although I thought I was going to die it was still cool to see.

Gay Head Cliffs in Martha's Vineyard

What about New York City you ask. Oh yes. When I was 15(ish) I went to NYC for the first time, which was a pretty cool experience. Although.. THE LOVELY PEOPLE AT WALGREENS EXPOSED OUR FILM SO I HAVE NO PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF THE TRIP.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Flickr is and has always been pretty awesome..

..except for the fact that they charge you once you go over 200 pictures..THANKS FOR LIMITING ME. :)

Anyway, one of my favorite photographers on Flickr is girlhula, check out her stuff!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cover songs rule!

The White Stripes -- I feel like Jack White just gets it. The screaming works and this performance is a great cover


Recently Watched: Get him to the Greek

Filled with loads of vomit, self injury and drug use, Get Him to the Greek just wasn't that funny. I like Jonah Hill and Russel Brand but this movie was like a ride that I didn't feel like being on. There were funny moments, but it could have been a lot better. I definitely noticed a lot of product placement which I'm not a fan of.

Oh yea, Puff Daddy and his dead eyes were annoying.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I read a book!

This morning I finished reading Sarah Silverman's book "The Bed Wetter." It had funny moments but a lot of it was sad. I liked the fact that she opened up without completely letting go of her stage persona.
depressed childhood
shrink suicide
xanax addiction
virginity loss
drug use/ dropping out of college
getting fired from SNL
being banned from NBC
VMA criticism
and much much more!