Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cover Songs Rule: As Long as I Can See the Light

I really love this song. I guess I'm the stereotypical college grad dreamer type but I definitely want to travel soon and this lyrically gets that down. I think the Cold War Kids do a great cover because they make it their own, and I also enjoy the soulful 70's hippy grit of the original.

The Cover


Recently Watched: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

The film definitely has a post millennium feel about it. The dialogue is fresh and the story line is odd. One of the major plot lines is that Robert Downey is a theif who's partner just got shot and he is being chased by cops. He tries to get away by running through a building, but it turns out to be an audition room. see below.

He is then taken to Hollywood to train for a part...enter Val Kilmer who plays Gay Perry. Gay Perry is a private detective who is supposed to be showing Downeys character the ropes, but instead they get caught up in a whole lot of complicated drama. Kilmer's performance was really great and him and Downey were very funny together.

I'm glad I finally watched it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I was checking out some blogs on hypem and found's really really good.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recently Watched: Little Children

Stylistically I really liked this film. The film starts off on a dark note with a news report of a convicted child sex offender moving into a community. The actor who plays the convict is completely creepy. His face is sunken, he speaks in a high voice...and the scene where his date is ending in the car...yiiiiyikes. I hope I don't see that in my nightmares tonight. The narration in the beginning and the little bits throughout the film worked for me. I really enjoyed all of the performances. So I say if you haven't already go see it!