Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's been awhile..

Media intake catch-up

A friend recommended the Australian show "Summer Heights High" which only had one season. Watched it all..amazing. You should check it out.

I've been listening to The xx and The Black Keys. But mostly weird remixes and mash ups.

Yesterday I saw Blue Valentine.
Although it was sad, it didn't shake me up like I thought it was going to. Don't get me wrong I found the screaming and crying unsettling and it made me think about my future and the idea of people growing apart. On a superficial level it was interesting to see Ryan Gosling as an alcoholic with a receding hairline because it played on the fact that someone may be charming and attractive to you but in time that will fade.. and what's left? ..kind of depressing, eh?

Blue Valentine goes back and forth from past to present.

In the past Gosling is a mover and Williams is a nursing student. In the present Gosling is a house painter and is content with their life together,whereas Williams is a nurse who wants to be a doctor. Gosling drinks while Williams cleans after their child/works full time. See the pattern? They AIN'T dancing in the streets playing Elvis songs anymore, YO! (see trailer below) Gosling and Williams both gave really great performances and I liked the juxtaposition of the ending scenes.