Friday, February 25, 2011

Recently Watched: "Sin Nombre" and "Dog fight"

I watched Sin Nombre on Netflix and was pleasantly surprised. The film was directed by first timer Cary Fukunaga who did in-depth research; conducting interviews with gang members and immigrants. Fukunaga road on train tops with immigrants to experience the dangers that lie in crossing borders.

The young actors gave really amazing performances and they all had really great looks for film. Casting is so important in these kinds of films because you need to believe that these kids are really from this hard area, leading rough lives. The film had a realistic look about it, but it managed to capture a gritty environment with rich colors. The interconnected stories were interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing more from Fukunaga.

In a bout of insomnia I clicked on Dog Fight when Gideon Yago..yes..Gideon Yago .. tweeted about it. I had watched the commercial a long time ago when I saw My Own Private Idaho. I'm not sure what statements it was trying to make about men at war or the 60's... and that's where the movie didn't come together for me, but I really enjoyed both performances. The dogfight is a contest among soldiers to see who can bring the ugliest girl to a party. ..but it becomes kind of a love story! totally.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recently Watched: "Cyrus" and "Dogtooth"

I wanted to see Cyrus because I was interested in watching Jonah Hill in a semi dramatic role. For what it was it was good..well acted and what not.. but it didn't leave a big impression on me. I don't even remember exactly how it ended. Catherine Keener is my dawg though.

I wanted to see Dogtooth at the Maryland Film Festival but because of the timing (last semester of school) I could only see a few films. I got around to watching it last night and Wow..this film...the look of it, the cast, the writing.. you really enter a weird little world. With one of the most cringe worthy scenes I've seen, incest, crazy dancing, unflattering one piece bathing suits and a calm stillness-- this world that you enter works. I don't think I would like the film if it wasn't foreign. Maybe because the actors are unknowns? or because subtitles make everything a bit more profound? whatever the case I found this movie fascinating.