Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Halloween Lantern Parade

I went to the Great Halloween Lantern Parade on Sunday---it was my 3rd year going and I have to say its one of my favorite events in Baltimore. The crowd was a great mix of families, students, and some straight up supa freaks. From weird costumes to stilt walkers the parade was fun to look at and I'll def. go again next year.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quoteworthy: Jeff Lewis (from Bravo's Flipping Out)

from last weeks episode:

"I believe that these magicians that work the childrens party circuit are an organized ring of pedophiles...it's just my opinion"

"A Paper Life" ---sometimes I read things.

I recently read "A Paper Life" by Tatum O'Neal for my Personality class and dammmmmnnnn Ryan O'Neal doesn't get the father of the year award. Tatum's book covered her F*CKED up childhood which included a who's who of 70's/80's Hollywood. Bitch dropped some names. Ryan O'Neal is probably Satan if Satan is a bipolar blonde haired man in his 60's. ex. When he found out Tatum got nominated for an Oscar..he punched her. I once saw some of "Paper Moon" on tv and from what I saw I thought they were both acting pretty well. Maybe I'll rent it soon since I now know more about her childhood than my own---having applied pyschological theories to her personality.

Recently Watched: Rudo y Cursi

Rudo y Cursi is a comedy that explores the relationship between brothers on dueling soccer teams. The film also shows the popularity of soccer in Mexico City, as well as the corrupt business side of the game. I wanted to see this movie because I loved Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna in Y Tu Mama Tambien together.

I think that they were perfectly cast as brothers in the film--pulling off the strong love/hate sibling relationship. Bernal plays the younger brother who wants to be a singer, and Luna plays the older/angrier brother who wants to be a soccer goalie. Throughout the film the brothers are pitted against each other by their manager who is using them for $$$. (FUCK THAT SHIT)

The film made me want to check out more modern Spanish films because its been awhiiile.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recently Watched:


Went to the movies today and saw Zombieland....It was pretty funny/entertaining. But, I felt like there wasn't that strong of a plot..and I'm not really sure what the message of the film was..not that all movies need messages but Zombie movies are usually about capitalism and this one wasn't. (or was it?)

The laughs came pretty consistently so for what it was--- it was a good, funny movie ..about zombies. Plus Bill Murray was awesome. That wig he was wearing was great. It was pretty well acted. (but I still hate Abigail Breslin)

Finally watched Chungking Express.. its been on my list since I learned about Hong Kong cinema in film class last semester. I liked it. But damn they really pimped out the Mama's and the Papa's California Dreamin couldn't the girl at least listen to another one of their songs??

It reminded me of that Hilary Swank tv movie where she wanted to be in a sorority with her roommate (and then her roommate fell off of some tower because the other girls were hazing her forcing her to hang some flag.) Every time her and Zach from Save by the Bell were going to get it on they played "dammmmmmn I wish I was your loverrrr" ---They seriously used it like 4 times and it become comical when it was supposed to be "sexy."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recently Watched: Deconstructing Harry

There is something hilarious but creepy about Woody Allen.. This movie had some great scenes and it was pretty inventive. In the film, Allen is a writer who has written a book about the different people in his life---all of whom aren't too happy to be featured/exploited. The film starred Kristie Alley, Demi Moore, Elizabeth Shue..among other bitches. The whole older men obsessed with young thangs is kinda gross to me--- like really Elizabeth Shue (Sam from Adventures in Babysitting) is gonna crush on Woody Allen?? But w/e.

Best moment...when Harry takes his son (who he kidnapped from school) and a prostitute as his guests to an awards ceremony. The whole car ride over was pretty great.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I love documentaries.

***** Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator---A really interesting film about 80's skater Mark "Gator" Rogowski. The director, Helen Stickler, compiled some great footage from competitions and old interviews with Rogowski and then conducted new interviews with skaters that used to know him.The film explores many issues---- fame, bipolar disorder, 80s vert skating vs 90s street skating, "throwaway culture", crime, and commercialization...to name a few.

****** DIG!--- A film about two bands, The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, who are both trying to make it on their own terms in the industry.It's a pretty good look into the relationship of these two bands as one reaches a level of success, while the other falls apart. The film is hilariously funny... mostly because the lead singer of BMJ is completely insane, but also because the film was put together amazingly well.
***** Dark Days--- A look into the very dark lives of some unfortunate New Yorkers that live underneath the subway system. The director Mark Singer actually lived with the people he filmed for the duration of the shoot---capturing some moving footage of people who ended up in a tough place. Their stories are pretty sad and their conditions are horrible but it ends up being a pretty uplifting film.

--Other films to check out: Capturing the Friedmans, Bus 174, The Bridge, Murderball, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Children Underground and Murder on a Sunday Morning.