Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recently Watched: Hannah Takes the Stairs and Easy A

Hannah Takes the Stairs was a fantastically realistic view of a girl who is confused about what she wants in relationship and how she wants to be perceived. Greta Gerwig who plays Hannah sees something she likes in every guy she meets in the film...she views everyone as a potential partner which sounds bad, but it's totally what people do.

Easy A made me kind of jealous of Emma Stone. Normally when I watch a movie I think (and this sounds bad) that I could do a better job acting (not actually true,) but in "Easy A" I felt like Stone was way funnier than me (WHATTTTT.) She was in every scene of the movie and she really WORRRKED IT. It has limited cheese, some good/funny dialogue ..along with a few flaws. EX: Like why is her hot childhood friend always alone and ..well attractive/available to her?? hmmm? riddle me that.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recently Watched: "Conversations with Other Women" and "Enter the Void"

Kind of hungover today. I'm thinking in bullet points so here it goes.

Conversations with Other Women

-- Style of Before Sunrise/Sunset, guy and girl in real time with heavy dialogue
-- Made me appreciate Aaron Eckhart
-- Flashback scenes sometimes looked cheesy
-- middle of the night Netflix viewing session may have altered my opinion
-- overall I liked it, found it enjoyable to watch..once.

Enter the Void (deserves more than bullet points)

-- Wow.. this movie was intense. The beginning really drew me in. The lead character has a very "normal" American accent and tone to his voice, he doesn't sound like an actor and he doesn't look like an actor in the few shots that they show his face. We are mostly viewing the world through his eyes. He is a 20 something American living in Tokyo running with somewhat seedy people.

--The film is largely inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead..which I'm completely unfamiliar with. The lead character is reading it and is also heavy into hallucinogens. He gets shot by cops in a misunderstanding for lack of a better word and then is a spirit watching over how everything is playing out after his death. There are also cuts of his childhood, one being the day that his parents were killed in a car accident.

--The male lead is an orphan and only has his sister who moved to Tokyo after he did. She gets into stripping and is in an equally seedy situation. So when he dies he is looking over her.

--I watched this film in two parts ..its a whopping 2 hrs and some 23 minutes long. I understand why it was so long but even so I feel like it could have been 45 mins shorter.

--There were a few scenes that were particularly disturbing...nothing like Irreversible. I feel like this is a x2 kind of movie to have a well rounded opinion.