Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I want to start paying more attention to things that I've been taking for granted. For instance..last night I watched the sunset! I think the internet, although extremely helpful has become a slight addiction..I'd like to spend more time outside. Baltimore has been crazy hot and humid..with the exception of today which was really beautiful. I kind of wish I wasn't born into a generation of people obsessed with the internet and their cell phones, I'm not hating...I'mjustsayiiing.

Enjoy a video of my favorite sunset yet!

I wish this would come on TV, I loved it as a child.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Self Reflection up in this hizzy: Me and Doctors

So I went to the eye doctor last week and I have to do a follow up tomorrow with a trial pair of contacts and I was thinking about how whenever I go to the doctor I turn into a complete idiot.

LIKE FOR REAL. I can't describe symptoms at all. When they ask questions like "Do you get headaches/how often" I have no freaking idea how often I get them. I'm like shit when was the last time I had a headache..I've had them but not recently but what if they come back and this is my chance to tell a professional.

When I'm at the regular doctor's office and they say "Is your cough in your chest or throat? I always feel like "uhhh it's like..kind of both.."

I don't want to be misdiagnosed.

Sometimes my head just goes blank. But happens to the best of us..riiight?

Friday, June 25, 2010

"Learning to Love You More"

My sister used to read from this site "Learning to Love You More"'s a project, a collection of assignments for people to complete to get to know themselves better.

One of my favorite assignments is Give Advice to Yourself in the Past.

Some of it's hilarious, some of it's sad..but all in all it's an interesting read. Since my car isn't working and I'm stuck at home I might play around and complete some of the assignments for fun. (Or I'll just look at other peoples shhhite)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recently Watched: Remember Me

Not going to lie ever since I saw the trailer I thought Robert Pattinson looked attractive in it and that's probably the basis for adding it to my Netflix..with that are some thoughts with SPOILERS..
1) R Pattz (the kids call him that) was pretty good. He has also mastered the American accent..good for him.

2) It's pretty contrived. It seemed like all of the sudden they were in love...all they really talked about were their dead family members. and #thatsnothot

3) Nothing good happens to anyone in this film. Seriously. Murder, Suicide, Jail Time, Punches to the Face, a Bad Haircut, oh and Robert Pattinson's character DIES IN THE SEPTEMBER 11th attack.

Overall the film was far too dramatic. It would make a good Lifetime movie..if Robert Pattinson had a vagina. That is all.

American Hearts

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I used to love the summer. Going to the pool, beach, playing kick ball...whatever I was outside all day..and it was pretty niiiice. But this summer is different from the past summers...I am no longer a student which means I'm not going back to school in the Fall...which mean WHAT THE EFFFF am I supposed to do now?! I'm kind of kidding but not. So I'm going to give myself some goals for the summer. (besides the whole get a job one)

---Read 3 books
--- Write down weird sh*t that happens.. (it can be used in the future film that will be made about my life)
----Go on a picnic
--- Ride a roller coaster (because I like those)
--- Try to find new places to hang out in Baltimore
--- Be more open to people..stop being so quick to be all "I don't like these people"
-- Be a better listener
---Eat healthier and exercise
--- Try something new that's somewhat athletic like Kayaking or something..yeah.
--- Go on a road trip of some sort
--- Keep painting and doing weird crafts for's therapeutic

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tunes from the Past- "Sugar Mountain"

Is it just me or is Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain" one of the saddest songs ever? I grew up with a lot of Neil Young because my dad loves him. I've always really liked this song...probably because its about growing older. I read something where Young said the song was inspired by a club that was for underage kids that he was no longer allowed to attend after he turned a certain age. I thought that was interesting because I've always wanted to be older than I am. (UNTIL NOW..all of the sudden I feel old as f*ck!-- I feel like none of my birthdays matter until 30..WHATS UP WITH THAT)
anyway: TAKE IT AWAY NEIL...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Just watched this short by Lena Dunham.. shes hilarious! I've been checking out some of her work because I really liked Tiny Furniture when I saw it at the Maryland Film Festival.

Currently Reading:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Currently listening to:

Today David Bazan tweeted "Being alive is the best thing ever!" which is kind of odd because his songs are the saddest songs ever..

Usually when people write positive messages on forms of social media such as Twitter or Facebook I'm like "yeaaah but life kind of sucks" but no actually Mr. Bazan is right (even if he was being sarcastic..which because I'm sarcastic I often mistake positive remarks as such..) being alive and in good health is really important so I'm going to stop my bitchin for a little while.

I was feeling rather down the other day and I went for a bike ride and felt so much better. So thats my advice to you kids, go for a bike'll feel great! (sweaty and fugly..BUT GREAT)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recently Watched: Where the Wild Things Are

I'm not really sure what I expected. I didn't grow up with the book, as much as I just thought the kids wolf outfit with the crown looked kind of awesome. So overall it was cool to look at, but it was sad. I wouldn't watch it again. The kid who played Max had a really good look for film. He reminded me of the kid with bunny ears in Gummo. SEE BELOW

The gift that keeps on giving

I still love these songs. Cold War Kids are the best. Over the past year I've listened to them obsessively. I experience synesthesia when I hear them....I can picture the West Coast vividly. I've always loved music videos or film w/ music and the Behave Yourself EP video really struck me. I posted it way back when..gezz its probably been a really long time.. but anyway Cold War Kids was the soundtrack to my vacation this past Spring, and they continue to entertain my ears with random performances./ different versions of their songs...

@CWK play a damn show in Baltimore.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

DC Trippin

Hit up:
-Hirshhorn Art Museum
-Holocaust Museum
* the classy fine dining establishment that is Johnny Rockets
* La Madeleine
* Dolcezza gelato

Recently Watched: No Impact Man

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cold War Kids VS Florence and the Machine

Somehow I missed this.. but CWK just retweeted about it so here it is! Nathan from Cold War Kids singing his song Hospital Beds with Florence and the Machine..who I've seen cover the song quite often.