Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recently Watched: The Color Wheel

I recently watched and really liked "The Color Wheel," (a film that I didn't get a chance to see at the Maryland Film Festival.)

The film was co-written by it's actors Carlen Altman and Alex Ross Perry who play sort of estranged siblings who take a road trip to move Altman's characters stuff out of her ex boyfriend/ professor house.

I thought the dialogue was really well written, funny and realistic. The characters are kind of sadly relatable to where I am in my life. (i.e The semi artsy but lazy aspiring something or others talking about what they want to do, while being unemployed or stuck in a "dead-end" job. I WORK LESS THAN 30 HRS A WEEK AND MAKE NO MONEY, PEOPLE!!)

anywayyyy I look forward to seeing more by Ross and Altman.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I get stressed man.

So as I've said on here before I've been serving for almost a year now. At times it's a real test in keeping my passive-agressive-ness in check... My hope is that customers just think I'm weird and aren't offended by my subtle digs at their RUDUNKULESS-NESS. I have an inside joke with my co-worker that inside when I feel like I'm dying from a customers wicked ways.. I sing Enyas "Only Time"

muttering the lyrics to calm myself down.. I think it's something everyone should do. You're welcome for this post.