Saturday, November 27, 2010

Casper: The Saddest Movie of All Time???

ok.. so how did I start to watch a scene from Casper on Youtube? how would an adult person arrive at that? Well I'll explain. I was watching the trailer to "Beautiful Girls" and the commercial for "Now and Then" (lovable shit-bomb of a movie) was on the side. Naturally, I watched it which led me to "Casper."

It's so depressing. I knew it was depressing when I was a kid, but damn. All of the sudden they play this "he is gonna turn back into a little ghost boy" instrumental stuff. Do you remember the story of how he died? He froze to death in the snow. FROZE TO DEATH IN THE SNOW. A LITTLE BOY...PLAYING IN THE SNOW. DEATH. And Christina Ricci just can't get a break: her dad gets drunk with ghosts, she falls in love with a ghost boy who would normally look like Devon Sawa (good when he is teen, bad when he is Stan in Eminem's music video) and some girl is rude to her, I think? All the kids were mean to her right? Because apparently it's not cool for your dad to be a ghost hunter.

As a child I loved this movie, as an adult looking back WHY DO WE SHOW THESE THINGS TO CHILDREN. that is all.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Recently Watched:

Breaking Upwards
I love the trend in independent cinema of one person wearing the actor, directer & writers hat and in the case of "Breaking Upwards," Daryl Wein acted, wrote, directed AND edited.

The film is about a couple who is trying to break up slowly by taking "days off" in their relationship to do whatever they want. The film co-stars Zoe Lister-Jones, Wein's real life girlfriend and the film is somewhat autobiographical of their relationship. It's funny and it feels young and real. It really fits in with the films that I saw at the Maryland Film Festival: Tiny Furniture and Gabi on the Roof in July. So if you haven't already I say go see all 3!

Janeane Garofalo 'If You Will' Live in Seattle
One of the funniest stand-ups that I've seen in awhile. I've liked Janeane Garofalo since I saw her in the film Bye, Bye Love. I like the fact that she gets up on stage and is able to articulate her opinion and draw from her own REAL LIFE experiences. All too often comedians make up ridiculous scenarios that may be funny but aren't real.

Due Date
Most commercial comedy films won't be as funny as the Hangover..and this is one of those movies. Although it had its funny parts the unrealistic nature of the story, and the fact that as a pair neither Downey's character or Galifianakis' character were very likable I wouldn't recommend it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

QUOTEworthy: Ryan Gosling

On unrealistic Hollywood films:

"You leave feeling bad about your life like 'yeah I really wish my life was like that' and now I gotta get in the do I validate my ticket? and now I gotta sit in the parking lot..Leaving the theater is such a bummer, it's such a shock to the system, because you've just been in this dream state where you're kind of identifying with these characters and then you have to go back to your life."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dave Franco on James Franco

I've always been fascinated by sibling relationships... and I like James Franco. Esquire Magazine had Dave Franco interview his brother James in five parts. Here is part 3.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cold War Kids Mine is Yours teaser

Yeah! CWK are coming out with a new album and touring! So far there is a VA date..come on with the Baltimore or DC show.. (or freakin philly or nyc...katie will drive/ take trainbus!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Baxter

Michael Showalter's "The Baxter" was pretty funny. My favorite scenes were between Michael Showalter and Justin Theroux. David Wain also had some pretty funny lines. If you like Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black and/or Wet Hot American Summer you'll like this movie.