Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lykke Li - Can I Kick It (Live Cover) @ Osheaga 8/1/09

Recently Watched: Manhattan & Bridesmaids

In "Manhattan" Woody Allen plays a writer who is in a relationship with a 17-year-old-girl played by Mariel Hemmingway. I've said it before, but I find Allen a bit creepy. His whole I'm an intellect and so I understand that this is wrong so then it should be less wrong doesn't fly, yo. A 42-year-old and a 17-year-old should probably not date (or rather a 42-year-old shouldn't want to date a 17-year-old) (I know I just commented on things seemingly personal but Allen has made some questionable choices a la dating his young adopted step daughter.) With that said I really enjoyed this film. It's probably my favorite Allen movie. We have some interesting people Dianne Keaton plays the "other woman" to Allen's best friend and then to Allen...and then to his friend again. While Hemmingway's character is seemingly in love with Allen despite his constant "you should keep your options open" speeches. I think the whole thing plays out rather realistically. Allen is funny and he is also honest about all of his craziness which I think is great. But again I don't find it endearing..he creepy (yo.)
I held off on seeing Bridesmaids until I saw it was playing at the 3 dollar movies + the weather in Baltimore felt like HELL (120 degree heat index.) I'm not a big fan of the current SNL/Kristen Wigg, but I really liked her in this. Maya Rudolph and Wigg played off each other creating a realistic modern female friendship, and under the direction of Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks,) the film had a good mix of comedy and drama. I'm new to Chris O'Dowd and I thought he was really great in the film, also Jon Hamm was wonderful at being completely terrible.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

new Kevin Devine Lyrics

/now every single time that you open your mouth something like the truth comes stumbling out, a picture of the past you keep whittling down to a version of yourself you can follow around/