Monday, December 28, 2009

Suggested Listening: Bon Iver

If you haven't heard Bon Iver and you are a fan of heartfelt songwriting you need to check out For Emma, Forever Ago. This past year I've listened to mostly Bon Iver..every morning before school I'd pick them on my ipod and listen while I was getting ready. (My most recent obessions are: Creature Fear and For Emma--but nearly all of the songs have been my favorite at some point)

I suggest you listen to the entire album..but check out newer songs like Blood Bank or Beach Baby.

Suggested Listening: Pedro the Lion

Paste Magazine puts it better than I could.."David Bazan’s Seattle indie rock is well played, and his voice is perfectly restrained, but his most unique gift lies in storytelling—vivid images and a thoughtful perspective create a deep, dark feeling of sadness."

3 Songs to check out:
Bad Diary Days
*Criticism as Inspiration
Longer I Lay Here

(P.S Don't slash your wrists and blame me)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recently Watched: Kinsey

It was aiiiight. I think I would have liked it more had it been focused on the research not Kinsey's life. (Flashbacks to his thanks.) I also hated a montage of Kinsey and his researchers traveling around the U.S talking to Americans--- instead of exploring those moments, the director chose to have little talking heads on a map of the US speaking over each other telling their sexual histories. It felt lazy and CHEESY to me. At least it had a decent cast.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Recently Watched: Adventureland

I ordered Adventureland off of Comcast because sister Killon wanted to see it. It had some pretty funny parts, but it wasn't that good. I think the movie would have been better had it been ..20 minutes. I liked the cast with the exception of Ryan Reynolds..I don't think he was right for the role. I just kept thinking oh there's Ryan Reynolds/the guy from Van Wilder. I think Jesse Eisenburg is pretty good...but Michael Cera and him are kind of interchangeable aren't they? You can only play the nervous guy so many times before people start to hate you(Ben Stiller.)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recently Watched: There Will Be Blood

At first, I was like..damn this is going to be about oil--do I really want to watch a movie that is over 2 hours and about OIL? But I'm glad I kept watching because I got pretty into the film and ended up liking it. Daniel Day Lewis is a freak. I can see why he was awarded an Oscar--its scary how good he is in this part. Paul Dano played a good religious freak. The boy who played Lewis' son also gave a compelling performance. I liked the look of the film. It wasn't the happiest movie I'm in need of a good comedy!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm liking this: Cold War Kids ep

Recently Watched: Beautiful Losers

I wanted to see this when it played at the Maryland Film Festival a couple of years ago, but I didn't get the chance to. So, I watched it on Netflix and I found it pretty interesting. The film documented a group of artists from the West Coast and East Coast that have known and worked together throughout the past few decades. I was familiar with the artists because of their designs for 2k tee shirts but with the exception of Harmony Korine I hadn't seen interviews with these specific artists.

It was an interesting look into the art world in the 90s. The artists all described themselves as outsiders---stating that skaters, artists, punks, & acid freaks all hung out together because they were the rejects. I found that pretty interesting because nowadays kids who skate are far from rejects. Maybe thats because so many more kids are skating these days---its not just the outsiders, getting a skateboard is like getting a bike.

I love anything that documents counter culture so I liked this film. One of my favorite parts happened while Korine was being interviewed at a park where he used to hang out (which had become a hang out for children.)

Korine: Hey, how you doing? you know they found my friend Samuel's head there back in 86.
little girl: COOL!