Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recently Watched: Beautiful Losers

I wanted to see this when it played at the Maryland Film Festival a couple of years ago, but I didn't get the chance to. So, I watched it on Netflix and I found it pretty interesting. The film documented a group of artists from the West Coast and East Coast that have known and worked together throughout the past few decades. I was familiar with the artists because of their designs for 2k tee shirts but with the exception of Harmony Korine I hadn't seen interviews with these specific artists.

It was an interesting look into the art world in the 90s. The artists all described themselves as outsiders---stating that skaters, artists, punks, & acid freaks all hung out together because they were the rejects. I found that pretty interesting because nowadays kids who skate are far from rejects. Maybe thats because so many more kids are skating these days---its not just the outsiders, getting a skateboard is like getting a bike.

I love anything that documents counter culture so I liked this film. One of my favorite parts happened while Korine was being interviewed at a park where he used to hang out (which had become a hang out for children.)

Korine: Hey, how you doing? you know they found my friend Samuel's head there back in 86.
little girl: COOL!

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