Monday, May 30, 2011

Recently Watched: Jane Eyre

First of all I'm so glad to be living in modern times. Sexism like whoa! With child beatings, verbal abuse, starvation etc, Jane Eyre takes on a lot. I'm not a huge fan of period pieces and I found myself wanting to slap the shittaki out of the child abusers. I hate the idea of boarding schools, especially all girl boarding schools--- in general I hate being proper. have you met me? (does that make me sound like an animal?)

Visually the film was really beautiful. I liked that Cary used modern filming techniques despite the fact that it's a period piece.

Mia Waskiowka's facial expressions aided the film; she's able to subtly convey a lot in her face. Michael Fassbender was pretty charming minus the hair. Honestly all of the bad hair styles were pretty distracting to me. (is that shallow?) <--rhetorical question

If you've read the book it's no secret that they end up together. I had mixed feelings about it.. he really looks too old for her..she has a baby face.

I liked the film but the lack of all things modern made me want to access the internet or watch television. for serious, what a cold world the 19th century was.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm late.

...but this show is hilarious. Yes, I had seen random ep's on tv (which I always thought were funny,) but I went to the beginning on Netflix and boom now I'm on Season 4.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maryland Film Festival: movies for people who really like good ass movies

This past weekend I worked at/attended the Maryland Film Festival. Overall it was an amazing experience to be surrounded by really amazing people who all love film. It's really inspiring to see people making films that are funny, weird/ tapping into real people with real emotions. I'm really proud to be from a city that hosts such an amazing festival. I didn't get to see half of the movies that I wanted to see due to working both my day job and my volunteer shifts..but it's cool.. I had time for

The Shorts on Thursday.

"The Dish and The Spoon"
& "Bad Fever"

I wrote really brief reviews here.