Monday, October 3, 2011

Recently Watched: DRIVE

Damn Ryan Gosling, damn. I know a lot of people have a fondness for the Gosling but like my fondness for Robert Pattinson (no I don't like Twilight, I am an adult!) I feel like its different than the mainstream crowd...unfortunately Lucy probably feels the same way..who is Lucy...Lucy is the 12 year old google searching images of Ryan for her binder collage. What am I talking about this is about his movie DRIVE!

So yeah, I saw Drive recently and I was entertained. I TELL YOU. It was extremely violent, but the violence made sense.. I mean honestly Pineapple Express has more unnecessary violence. Gosling's character is a stunt driver who does shady shit on the side. He's quiet, smooth and good at what he does.. but then he meets his neighbor and her son and gets involved in a mess that results in tons of violence. The opening is really strong, the music is kind of bizarre but it works, the performances are pretty amazing.. I liked it. It's an indie/noir/80's/action movie with Gosling in really cool outfits. totally see it.

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