Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recently watched:

la Haine: Great movie about 3 friends who find a police officers gun in a Parisian ghetto.The movie has style, great acting and shows a different side of France. It's amazing how much movies although fictional can open me up to social issues in foreign countries that I really had no idea were going on. Although the movie is dealing with serious issues its actually pretty funny and worth seeing.

Irreversible: This movie is crazy! Def the most intense movie I've ever watched. I had to fastforward several times. The movie is about a woman who leaves a party without her boyfriend and friend/ex and gets raped in an underground subway. Her ex and her boyfriend then try to track the rapist down in order to get revenge. After you get passed the first 30 minutes the plot goes backwards to show the events that led up to this one horrible night that will forever change these characters lives. It has the title of being the most walked out film at the Cannes Film Festival where it caused people to vomit and pass out... so yea def. not for everyone but I actually liked it.

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