Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brand New 11/11

Last night I saw Brand New play for what I think was the 10th time. The first time I saw them was at the Ottobar when I was in 9th grade---and now I'm a f*ing senior in college..JESUS CHRIST. This time was less exciting because I wasn't a fan of their recent release "Daisy." I didn't enjoy most of the new songs (with the exception of Bride)--although I probably would have if I was still in my 15 year old heavy Glassjaw "I hate life" phase. I enjoyed all the songs they played from YFW, Deja, and TDAGARIM--- and it was very cool to hear Jude Law because I didn't think I'd ever hear that one live again.

They ended the night with Play Crack the Sky which sounded pretty amazing.

Overall--- I liked hearing old stuff, didn't really like the new stuff and I think Sonar is a horrible venue---F**K STANDING ROOM ONLY! I need a ledge to sit on or a balcony to lean on-- I'm old now.

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