Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yeah. That's Right.

I saw New Moon last night with Heather, and I have to say it was entertaining/hilarious. I think our commentary is vital to anyone seeing the movie. We should probably do the dvd commentary screw the cast.

I chose this picture because they all look like um yeah we are the kids from that vampire movie..
This film like the original was full of really bad messages for children, but who doesn't love those right? Bella was suicidal (always cool), a shut in (hmm, I dont think thats been made sexy yet, but ok), an emotional wreck (hmmm redeemingly sexy with passion, right?) YEAH her character is completely ridiculous. And let me just say Team Edward vs Team Jacob..how about TEAM REAL BOY or TEAM MORTAL or some shit I MEAN REALLY!


  1. Our commentary would only be worth it if a little pop box with our gestures appeared periodically in the top right corner of the screen.
    And what's with Stewart in that picture? Is that a mullet? Not that I look great all the time. Just saying, she knew she'd be photographed.

  2. At least RP looks good for once.

  3. I agree the pop up box would be effective. AND LOL she is playing Joan Jett so thats why her hair is like that. is it just me or do they all have dead eyes in that pic?