Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brothers. (at least jake gyllenhaal looked good)

I didn't really get what it was even about. I don't think the film spent enough time dealing with any of the issues that it brought up. (The brothers relationship, their relationship with their father, the war-- what Sam (Maguire) "had to do",---or why that one little girl was so damn pouty. I didn't buy Natalie Portman as a mom. I didn't buy Jake Gyllenhaal as a BANK ROBBER WITH A NECK really by the end of the film I concluded that I find Jake Gyllenhaal more attractive with some facial hair.. so yea.


  1. My question: Where was the rest of the plot?
    It was anti-climatic and pretty much nothing happened to drive anyone to do any of the things they did in the movie.
    Toby did a great job playing a really scary guy...I kind of wonder if he overdid it though.
    And that one girl was not cute...they needed to stop trying to make her look all adorable and loved in comparison to the other one.

  2. hahahahha way to INSULT A CHILDDDD