Friday, April 9, 2010

Katie's thoughts on Pop Culture: "Doctor shows"

This is a new topic that I am starting, get used to it.

(Disclaimer: I have insomnia and no cable in my room.)

So maybe I saw too many episodes of Greys Anatomy at 3am this past winter but it made me think about the following:

I hope when/if I am ever in an ER having some type of life saving surgery/procedure that the doctors that are standing over me aren't secretly thinking about banging each other, but instead how to pull the bullet out of my heart, take the tumor out of me, etc...

p.s the doctor show that im currently watching (looking over my shoulder every couple mins at) has a guy that is way too good looking to be a doctor. he looks like an extreme sports athelete.


  1. Hahahahhahahahhahahaa Pics of hot doctors and you've got me hooked.

  2. my warner bro tour guide was like "ladies unfortunately dr. ross isn't home" when we saw the set of George Clooneys apartment from ER. I was like wtfe Im not 8 years old anymore! lol tell me more about Bradley Cooper filming the Hangover, sucka.

    just kidding Marvin, Warner Bros tour were very friendly and sometimes funny.