Saturday, July 10, 2010

America ain't so bad. Part One!

(I have been thinking about traveling..a lot)
So this is where I talk about my favorite places that I've been America..since I have yet to leave this-a-beautiful-a country. If I was speaking to you that would have sounded Italian.

I took my first major trip when I was 17. My father had some free air miles and took me to Colorado. We drove a lot and I'm not sure of all of the places that we went but I know we went to Denver, Boulder, Aspen, Estes Park and Red Rocks. It was weird being on a scenic highway. That's one thing about Maryland that I'm not too fond of..every highway is fug. The highlights of the trip were Independence Pass, Estes Park and the Maroon Bells.
We also saw The Stanley, the haunted hotel that The Shining was based on.

Me in front of the Maroon Bells.. there are very few pictures of me and I'm wearing brown in most of them. and I look like a tom-boy. whatevs right we were in the mountains.

The next trip that I took was also with my father and his FREE air miles. We went to New England. New Hampshire, Massa-two-sh*ts (Boston for like..a half an hr--Fajay not a fan of cities), Vermont and we crossed the state line to Maine. My favorite part was Martha's Vineyard..a nice little island beach town in MA. It is where they filmed JAWS. My father erased his pics so I don't have any of me. We went during a heat wave..the heat index was 120 degrees and although I thought I was going to die it was still cool to see.

Gay Head Cliffs in Martha's Vineyard

What about New York City you ask. Oh yes. When I was 15(ish) I went to NYC for the first time, which was a pretty cool experience. Although.. THE LOVELY PEOPLE AT WALGREENS EXPOSED OUR FILM SO I HAVE NO PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF THE TRIP.

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