Saturday, July 10, 2010

America ain't so bad! Part Two. (2008)

The next trip that I took was sans father and with my sister Allison when we were 20. We went to San Francisco, California. Which is one of my favorite..if not my favorite cities. (I have yet to see Chicago, Portland or Seattle.) It was pretty cool because I learned that I can actually read a map. ( about that.)

What I love about San Francisco is how shockingly friendly people are. I noticed that in Colorado too..maybe it's a Western thing.. I don't know but in SF people would come up to me if I was looking at a map and ask me if I needed help. It happened like 3 or 4 times. People were really easy to make conversation with and I loved using the public transportation. (Maybe it was the 20 year old living at home-having just finished community college in me that was so excited to explore and get around on my own.) We walked across the golden gate bridge which was amazing, saw Alamo Square, Ocean Beach, Crissy Fields, Lands End Trail, Haight Ashbury, Sunset, Mission..we were all over the place. Is it sad that one of the highlights is a Chicken/Avocado/Honey Mustard sandwich that I got 3 times..what can I say good food is comforting. (and you bet your ass when I went back to SF two years later I got the same sammy)

Coming home from this trip was particularly depressing I remember my parents asking "Did you miss us/were you ready to come home?" and I had to withold my.."NO!"

(Other side trips pre San Francisco and without parental guidance included a night stay near Dickenson College for a concert and a night in Pittsburgh for a this was kind of big deal)

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